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IOTECH CONSULTING is an emerging technology strategy and business solutions firm. We are a leading provider of information technology and advisory services for healthcare, academic, and business communities. We partner with our clients to implement innovative solutions and best practices to enhance their clinical, academic and business operations.

We are not your mainstream technology consulting firm. We leverage real world experience during every client interaction.

Our technology and business strategists are experienced in navigating through unpredictable business climates, and the complex maze of technology pitfalls and government mandates.

Our Mission:

By leveraging the right people, technology and best practices, we are able to deliver mission-driven solutions in support of our clients’ strategic objectives. Our goal is to enable our client’s ability to provide a positive impact on the human condition.

Our Vision:

  •  To assist our clients in their business, clinical, and technology transformation journey.
  • To provide practical advice and thought leadership through our resources in support of our client’s strategic initiatives.
  • To supplement our clients Information Technology and Business needs while providing cost effective strategies that deliver a measurable return.

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