Selection, Implementation & Optimization

EHR & Practice Management

EHR & Practice Management

IOTECH provides management advisory services in facility planning, strategy, and information technology to multiple hospital systems, community hospitals, academic medical centers, children’s hospitals, and physician group practices.

With extensive background in information technology, financial management, and clinical workflow, we engage in both strategic and operational projects to deliver bottom-line results. We provide health information technology education, training and consulting services to promote awareness, adoption, utilization, optimization and customization as it relates to technology solutions, such as EHR/EMR, Practice Management, Patient Portals, Telehealth and Population Health.

IOTECH provides vendor neutral consulting and implementation services to healthcare organizations with assistance in assessing Healthcare Information Technology readiness, Practice Management (PM) & Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems as well as associated work flow changes to achieve an effective and successful Electronic Health Records implementation.

We assist academic medical centers, private medical practices, hospitals and ambulatory businesses in improving their financial performance, operations, organizational structure and strategic direction.

Claims, Financial & Business Systems

Claims, Financial & Business Systems

Implementing an enterprise wide IT system is one of the most challenging ventures a healthcare organizations will undertake. If you’re an independent physician practice or a multi-hospital health system, effectively leveraging technology is essential to your operations, financial performance, and the delivery of patient care.

Whether you’re installing a new IT system or optimizing an existing one, IOTECH seasoned solutions experts can support organization’s technology transformation initiatives. Our team of experts work hand in hand with key stakeholders and staff in the design and delivery of a customer-centric implementation plan. Our approach is based on best practices project and change management as well as process improvement theories methodologies. IOTECH works closely with its clients in managing all phases of system implementation, including planning, decision making, communication, configuration, testing, training, go-live, stabilization, and optimization.

We make sure that you get the most out of your system investments.  Our team will effectively collaborate and advise executive leadership, operations, technology staff and vendors on the best approach for the deployment and system optimization.

Health Information Exchanges

Health Information Exchanges

IOTECH’s team includes experienced clinicians, consultants and researchers. We are committed to optimizing HIE in support of achieving the Triple Aim. We help our clients explore projects and collaborations with other organizations, consolidate or optimize their current operations, and stand up new departments. We also provide independent project oversight and facilitate health IT advisory groups.

Our proven planning process helps healthcare organizations identify and optimize their total health IT spend to better support their healthcare reform efforts.

mHealth and TeleHealth

mHealth and TeleHealth

We offer a full range of mHealth & TeleHealth advisory services.

The range of services provided include:

  • mHealth project design using our methodology
  • Mobile health strategy development
  • mHealth business growth strategies
  • Mobile health technology selection and procurement support
  • Interim resourcing for mHealth program
Revenue Cycle Optimization

Revenue Cycle Optimization

IOTECH’s healthcare strategic consulting services collaborates with your organization to refine your revenue cycle optimization process and enhance patient experience by:

  • Decreasing AR days
  • Maximizing ROI
  • Increasing Cash Flow
  • Completing revenue cycle assessment and workflow corrections
  • Enhancing patient access data capture
  • Providing clinical documentation analysis
  • Managing claims, denials and collections
  • Increasing financial transparency through improved information flow

We help your staff to mitigate revenue risk and manage realistic financial expectations by navigating changing reimbursement models and new payment paradigms.

System Implementation and Go-Live Support

System Implementation and Go-Live Support

Enterprise systems implementation takes thoughtful planning and execution. Failure is not an option. Be smart about your IT investments and augment your internal team with our experienced implementation specialists.

IOTECH is staffed with seasoned professionals averaging over 5+ years of experience with a wide range of certifications. This experience allows us to have a unique perspective on the challenges associated with enterprise system implementations. We know how to manage the competing priorities and human dynamics that can impact the success of a project.

Our experienced consultants will help your business stay focused on its goals and while ensuring your project stays on track. As part of our project management services, we provide a team of go-live support consultants to fill the gaps that might exist on your project.

Go-live support services include:

  •  Go-Live planning and cutover process management.
  •  Systems configuration and final stage testing activities.
  •  Go-Live command center support.
  •  Training and tiered application support.
  •  Post-live and optimization support.

Our systems implementation specialists are:

  • Certified experts in Epic®, Cerner®, Siemens®, Allscripts®, MEDITECH®, McKesson®, GE Centricity®, eClinicalWorks®, NextGen®, etc.
  • Experienced in build, testing, training, go-live support, stabilization, optimization and upgrades.
  • Develop practical implementation approaches that allow your organization to get the most out of your EHR system.
  • Have a comprehensive knowledge of best practices and implementation methodologies.
  • Can effectively work side by side with your internal staff to alleviate resources gaps and will focus on knowledge transfer to local team.
  • Can be instrumental in supporting the organizational change management and system adoption process.

Who we are:

  • Analysts & Application Coordinators
  • Principal Trainers & Instructional Designers
  • Credentialed Trainers
  • Interface Analysts
  • Report Writers
  • Security Analysts
  • Technical Support
  • Go–Live Support
  • Business Intelligence Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Project Directors
  • CIOs, CTOs, CMIOs, etc.
  • and more…

From planning to production, our specialists have the necessary experience to guarantee Go-Live success for your organization.

Clinical and Technical Staff Augmentation

Clinical and Technical Staff Augmentation

If you need the flexibility to obtain resources when and where needed, and the ability to “ramp up” for projects that require specialized application skills that don’t exist or can’t be leveraged internally, then Staff Augmentation is the answer. IOTECH combines high-touch with high-tech to propose the right solution for your unique situation, organization and budget.

Staff augmentation can help you achieve many business goals including faster speed-to-market, industry and technical experience that accelerate the quality and speed of development, and avoid the cost and time required for internal training and skill development.

Implementing an IT healthcare (HIT) project is no small task. While the project is in full swing, it’s highly important that it does not interrupt the quality and continuum of patient care.

Close the gap on clinical and non-clinical talent needs with IOTECH Staff Augmentation Services. Temporary staff augmentation saves money and reduces management headaches. We work with clients to determine how much onsite time is necessary and then deliver the appropriate resources to meet the client’s immediate demands.

  • Remote, onsite part-time or blended.
  • On-going daily system support and task maintenance.
  • Issue resolution and break-fix.
  • Build projects, stabilization and optimization.
  • Support during analyst outages or staff leaves.
  • Implementation, support and training for Epic®, Cerner®, Siemens®, Allscripts®, MEDITECH®, McKesson®, GE Centricity®, eClinicalWorks®, NextGen®, CPSI®, etc.
Project management and PMO Services

Project management and PMO Services

Implementation of new health IT and business systems isn’t a subtle change. It is a major shift. Increasingly, projects are getting larger, more expensive, more complex, and impacting greater numbers of end-users. It is often difficult for healthcare organizations to set up their own Program Management Office without appropriately skilled and experienced health IT system resources.

Project management consultancy services are necessary and critical to the success of complex projects that are high impact and time sensitive within your organization

From setting up your initial PMO to providing skilled project managers, IOTECH PMO Project Management and PMO consulting provides:

  • PMO strategy and planning.
  • PMO set up, policies and procedures.
  • Program management.
  • Epic®, Cerner®, Siemens®, Allscripts®, MEDITECH®, McKesson®, GE Centricity®, eClinicalWorks®, NextGen®, CPSI®, etc. implementation management.
  • Facets® implementation management.
  • Other specific, specialist or strategic project healthcare advisory services.

We utilize continuous improvement methodologies, such as Lean and Six Sigma, combined with change management approaches to achieve stakeholder buy-in. With engaged stakeholders, the new or refined business processes are clearly defined and sustainably applied throughout your organization. We assemble a world class PMO to aggressively manage your projects without breaking the bank.

Education and Training

Education and Training

The key to successful EMR implementation and ongoing clinical quality improvement (CQI) is education and training. A thorough understanding of the CQI process, evidence-based point-of-care clinical decision support, and basic and advanced EMR workflow reengineering facilitates successful EMR implementation. Using a variety of training tools, presentations, and best practices experience, IOTECH can assist your team in every facet of EMR implementation and CQI

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